Building an International Team


From Armada’s inception, Nicolas and Cassie have valued what happens when you bring together an international team to research and develop educational environments, methods, and philosophies.

The diversity of our team is one of the things I appreciate most about Armada. Everyday I’m stretched in a new direction by working with people from very different cultures, upbringings and languages.

Not only is it stimulating, but I know I become a more open-minded, tolerant, and comprehensive person by working with people who are different from me.

We intentionally make our team diverse to reflect how we want our learners to see the world.

Ever since I was a little kid in the 1990’s, educators and schools have given a lot of lip service to the ideas of multiculturalism and globalization: the world is growing flat.

But what have people really done to give young people a deep understanding of other people and other cultures?

The standard subpar language classes that don’t produce fluency and a short service learning trip to another country for one week a year during high school don’t truly prepare learners for the deeply inter-connectedness of our world.

We live and breathe our commitment to global vision by hiring people from around the world and working together to achieve our common goals.

Our learner, Felix, is a great example of our commitment to deep, global learning. In his first two years of the Base he’s taken month long learning trips to Germany, France, and the United States. Even as a 9-year-old Felix has developed a fluency in English, German, French, and Mandarin Chinese that most young people can’t achieve in a traditional school.

We also share our culture through food, holiday celebrations, books, and movies. Worldwide big picture capacity is a deep art that takes time and nurturing. Here at Armada, our international team collaborates and communicates in ways that inspire all of us to create a new kind of truly global learning.

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